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Mar. 13th, 2008

Hm..., Serious business, Thinking


Temari, thank you for everything, but I'd prefer that we don't ever mention this again. ...But if this happens again, you have my permission to knock me out until I return to normal.

Naruto, Sakura. Shakomon and I have started heading east and southeast, back toward where we were before... that happened. Unless you were planning on going to that festival in Tetha, then I suppose we could meet up there.

Mar. 7th, 2008

Happy, Smiling


Alrighty, so this is basically a pimpage to anyone and everyone that either themselves or knows someone who plays a ninja from the Naruto-verse.

Recently opened, the first Naruto Dressing Room rp, narudressroom.

For those who don't know what a dressing room rp is, it basically follows a similar premise as dear_multiverse. Don't know what that is either? Here's an explanation:

A dressing room rp is basically a place where characters from all the different rpgs can get together in some form of nexus. In this case, it'd be any character from the Naruto fandom, from any point in canon (OC's allowed on a one month trial basis) and whatever influences they've had from the rp they're being pulled from. An example of this would be any of the ninjas here would have their Digimon.

Rules are found on the profile page. And like any dressing room rp, there's no need to apply. Just come and go as you please. :)
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Mar. 1st, 2008

I'm not sure, Eh, Whatever

006: Voice Post

Sarutobi-sensei? Orochimaru? Perverted Egghead Jiraiya? Oh man, my parents aren't going to be too happy that I wandered off.... And what's up with this weird clam thing that keeps following me around? Is it some sort of summon?

[locked from Tsunade, Shakomon intervenes]
Naruto, Sakura? It looks like whatever made some of the Tamers change age got to Tsunade. She doesn't remember me or being in the Digital World and it's got me worried.

Maybe they're over that way....

IYEEEEEEE! Tsunade! Wait for me! I can only go so fast!

((Tsunade: age 6. Doesn't remember that she transported to the Digital World, doesn't know healing ninjutsu or super-strength (just the basics). Only has the memories of when she was a genin and trained by Sarutobi with Jiraiya and Orochimaru.))

Feb. 13th, 2008

Hm..., Serious business, Thinking


I've just gotten around to checking some of the reports of what happened in Tetha, was it? And the hospital was destroyed? That's never any good....

I'm not sure how necessary it is, but if there's any way I could get there I can do what I can to heal people. I was a medical specialist back in Konoha, but with my chakra recharging as slowly as it's been doing, I won't be able to handle a large number of injuries.

If that's not needed, then come find me if you're hurt in D'ango Forest. I could probably be of more use in the field, so to say.

Feb. 7th, 2008

I'm not sure, Eh, Whatever


When I was 22 I lost my younger brother Nawaki. It was the day after he turned 12 and I had given him our grandfather's Hokage necklace (which I had inherited) since it was his dream to become Hokage too. My former friend and teammate, Orochimaru handed the necklace back to me.

Within two years I fell in love with Dan. He supported my idea of putting a medic-nin on the four-man squad and he too dreamed of becoming Hokage and I gave him my necklace. Not long after he was hurt badly, a number of his organs were ruptured. I tried to heal him, but... but he died. I failed him! His blood was all over my hands and I developed hemophobia because of it. Once again, I took back the necklace.

About ten years later, I left Konoha with my apprentice Shizune. I gambled, ran myself into debt with so many people, began hiding my real age (which is 53 now) with a transformation technique, and didn't go back until three years ago when I finally accpeted the position of Godaime ((Fifth)) Hokage.

Cut OOC-ly for a brief manga chapter spoiler, just in caseCollapse )


Tsunade... remember how Naruto and a bunch of other people too?


((Not editing anymore I swear. :3))

Jan. 30th, 2008

Hm..., Serious business, Thinking


Naruto, Sakura. I just ran into Temari a little while ago and this snake-like Digimon came and asked us to help his partner who was hurt.

I think you'd be interested in hearing that I healed your former teammate. We're about ten, twenty miles away from where the forest meets Meria. Think you could meet up with us?

Jan. 22nd, 2008

Unreadable, Hanging head, Holding back tears


This is impossible.... I'm not even here for a week and already I find out everything's been destroyed.... The village I swore to protect with my very life is gone and I couldn't do a damn thing about it!

[locked, but oh so hackable]
It's like I'm loosing Nawaki, Dan, and Jiraiya all over again. Except... now it's everyone.

I've failed.... I've got to be the worst Hokage ever for disappearing and then letting everything get destroyed.

I need a drink....

Jan. 20th, 2008

Distressed, Fighting the pain, Sad


This can't be happening. I'm stuck in a place called the Digital World with some strange creature that calls itself Shakomon. I ended up saving him from some weird spider things... Dokugumon.

I can't be here. Konoha depends on me. Without me... things will become chaotic. They may not have to worry about Orochimaru, but there's still the threat of the Akatsuki. I won't be there to protect the village if anything happens. Not even Jiraiya's alive to help anymore. I should've realized winning that bet would cause more problems than that....